Fall Institute 2017 Agenda

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    Sunday November 5, 2017


    appFestLogo-no-text2-5:00 PM AppFest East

    A chance for small publishers or students to come and set up a “micro booth.” There is no cost, there are no strings. Attendees of Dust or Magic who arrive early can view your demo as we set up the room.

    Handout & swag table. There is no selling or PR activity permitted at Dust or Magic, however, anyone is welcome to send promotional materials (handouts, fliers w/download codes, white papers and so on) for the attendees. These are kept on a separate table clearly marked as “promotional materials.” No cost and no strings. Send no more than 50 copies to Dust or Magic, 126 Main Street, Flemington NJ 08822 by October 23; we’ll put them out.


    All you need is a balloon, a tablet and a marker to set up a “booth” at the free Dust or Magic AppFest.

    5:00 pm – Welcome

    “The State of Children’s Interactive Media 2017” — and informal “sharing of notes” panel moderated by Robin Raskin; with Chris Byrne of TTPM; Raul Gutierrez of Tinybop; Jason Krogh of Sago Mini; Emmet O’Neill of Storytoys; and Mitchel Resnick of MIT’s Endless Kindergarten Group.

    Let’s define the topics that will help us form discussions over the next three days.

    Essential topics:

    • “Alexa, tell me a story.” The dust and the magic of audio interactive content for voice driven devices.
    • ARKit is here. Who’s using it to well?
    • What’s the state of subscription models?
    • iOS 11 and children. What did Apple do right (and wrong)?
    • The state of ethics and children’s content. Is there a realistic path ahead?
    • Is Tinybop’s approach (and pricing) for schools a smart one?
    • Pokémon GO is 18 months old. What have we learned?
    • “Code is the new Mandarin” (Robin Raskin). That was last year. What’s that state of constructivism and technology (specifically maker kits, coding experiences, Scratch, the Foos and so on). Who’s doing the best work? What’s next for Scratch in the age of Chrome and mobile?
    • Video content for kids on mobile devices. We’ll discuss YouTube and Netflix, and assess what their services are doing right (and wrong).
    • What’s new with toys and toy tech?
    • How do you win an award in 2018. Who chooses, and what do they look for? Learn about the 2018 KAPi awards, and review the winners of the 2017 BolognaRagazzi Digitial Award.
    • That state of children’s digital storytelling, and news from the recent Highlights Digital Storytelling retreat.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 11.01.40 AM6:15 Dinner at the famous Lambertville Station Restaurant, where we’ve now dined informally for 17 years. (Note: this is in the old train station depot located by Bridge Street, with the train car attached).

    Welcome and Introductions (Riverside Room)

    Greetings from Tinybop; from Raul Gutierrez of Tinybop


    8:00 Fulfilling Papert’s Dream by Mitchel Resnick 

    This year’s after-dinner talk will be by Mitchel Resnick (@mres), Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab. Mitch develops new technologies and activities to engage people (especially children) in creative learning experiences.

    His Lifelong Kindergarten research group develops the Scratch programming software and online community, the world’s largest coding platform for kids. His group also collaborates with the LEGO Company on the development of new educational ideas and products, including LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO WeDo robotics kits.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 12.03.08 PMResnick co-founded the Computer Clubhouse project, an international network of 100 after-school learning centers, where youth from low-income communities learn to express themselves creatively with new technologies. Resnick earned an undergraduate degree in physics from Princeton, and a Masters and PhD degrees in computer science from MIT.


    Mitch was awarded the McGraw Prize in Education in 2011 and the AACE EdMedia Pioneer Award in 2013. He is author of the book Lifelong Kindergarten, published by MIT Press in 2017.  Participants will each get a copy. For more information about his research and publications, see http://www.media.mit.edu/~mres


    November 6, 2017

    Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 10.02.35 AM7:30 Breakfast. Riverside Room

    8:30 Reviewer’s panel with Chris Byrne of TTPM, Warren Buckleitner of CTREX; Robin Raskin of LIDT; and Jo Booth of Teachers With Apps.  What’s hot? What’s not? What will 2018 bring?

    9:00 Designer brainstorm. Small groups explore emerging opportunities and upcoming challenges, from ROI (Return on Investment) to improving a play pattern.

    10:00 Emmet O’Neill, StoryToys. The maker of My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR will talk about what he learned.

    10:45 Demos and Nice Touch

    11:00 Chris Byrne, TTPM 2018 Toys — Some Dust, Some Magic. 

    12:00 Group Photo/Lunch; a non-augmented, non-virtual lunch

    1:00 Chip Donohue The NAEYC/Fred Rogers Center Position Statement turns 5: What We know Now that We Didn’t Know Then. Chip Donohue, PhD, is Dean of Distance Learning and Continuing Education and Director of the Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center at Erikson Institute in Chicago.  He was named a children’s media Emerging Pioneer at the KAPi (Kids At Play International) Awards.

    1:40 Jason Krogh, Sago Mini. Some thoughts about design for children.

    2:30 BrainSprints and Tango Dancing With Daren Carstens and Barbara Chamberlin

    We’ll come up with a set of current issues facing the field of children and digital media, and brainstorm some solutions.

    mtlogo3:00 Field Trip to Mediatech

    3:00 Bus trip to Mediatech Foundation: Meet some real kids and tour CTR’s new headquarters.

    Mediatech is a non-profit public library based technology center/maker space started in 2003 as an experiment. It serves as CTR’s testing center, and provides free public access to technology. Video games circulate alongside books, and children play games designed to increase, rather than reduce social growth and collaboration. You’ll get a chance to talk to some of the kids, and test some of the products.

    4:00 Kids panel

    4:45 CTR open house. Toast the new headquarters, and see the servers spin.

    5:30 Bus leaves exactly at 5:00 PM to return to the Inn at Lambertville Station.

    6:00 Dinner (on your own. Your chance to venture to another state — Pennsylvania — and cross the river from George Washington’s point of view)

    8:00 Demos
    10:00 – Free play and late night discussion.


    November 7, 2017

    7:30 Breakfast

    8:30 Interactive Designer’s Cookbook. Part of the annual, and ongoing crash course on child development applied to the latest interactive media, by Jean Piaget, BF Skinner, John Dewey and Fred Rogers.

    9:00 Amanda Armstrong  “What we’ve Learned about Creating Diverse Characters.”

    Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 9.57.04 AM9:30 Bill Shribman, WGBH, Boston. Kids, Media, News and Media Literacy.

    What does modern media literacy need to look like in a world of mobile tech, fake news, and an endless sea of information? How do we help kids become critical thinkers in a world where facts may not be what they seem? And what trade-offs are there when we give kids unfettered access to the highs and lows of the Internet? Bill Shribman will lead us on an exploration of kids’ online lives.

    10:00 Break

    10:15 Mark Schlichting: Creating the Illusion of A.I. in Children’s Products

    meaganR10:45 Meagan Rothschild: Group Cognition and Workflow as a Pathway to Magic — Lessons from ABC Mouse.

    Final panel: with a conclusion and summary.  What have we learned this year, and what can we expect for 2018?

    If you’re staying in the Inn, make sure you checkout of your room by 10:00 AM. It is OK to store bags in the Riverside room.

    12:00 Lunch

    12:20 Transbridge Bus #1 leaves to Newark Liberty, arriving 1:35 PM (for early flights). Note that departure is from the Hess Station, 5 blocks from the Inn.

    1:30 Dust or Magic bus departs to Newark Liberty International Airport, arriving 2:45 PM

    1:55 Transbridge bus departs to Newark Liberty Airport, arriving 3:15 PM

    5:50 PM last Transbridge bus departs to Newark Liberty Airport, arriving 7:15 PM (departs from the Hess Station, 5 blocks from the Inn). You can buy tickets from the Valparaiso Deli, Rt 165 & Rt 518, 609-397-1116

    Speaker details
    • Robin Raskin

      Robin Raskin 

      Robin Raskin is a recovering journalist who now organizes conferences and events on what it means to be “living in digital times”.  An author, editor, magazine publisher, blogger, TV and radio personality, and consultant, Raskin says she’s never met a media she doesn’t like. Raskin is the former Editor of PC Magazine and Editor in Chief of FamilyPC. She’s been a columnist for USA Today Online and Yahoo and has authored 6 books about parenting in the digital age. She works with Children's Technology Review to produce the KAPi awards ...

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    • Mitchel Resnick

      Mitchel Resnick 

      Mitchel Resnick (@mres), Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab, develops new technologies and activities to engage people (especially children) in creative learning experiences. His Lifelong Kindergarten research group develops the Scratch programming software and online community, the world’s largest coding platform for kids. His group also collaborates with the LEGO Company on the development of new educational ideas and products, including LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO WeDo robotics kits. Resnick co-founded the Computer Clubhouse project, an international network of 100 after-schoo...

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    • Chris Byrne

      Chris Byrne 

      Chris Byrne has "toy sense," and he's always willing to share his ideas, which is why it's great when we can get him to Dust or Magic. And this is his busy season. Despite seeming like a kid, Chris has a 30-plus-year career in the toy industry. Currently, he is a partner in aNb Media, LLC and content director for TTPM.com.  During his career, he has held a variety of positions with toy companies covering marketing, media, operations, product development and creative. In 1988, he formed New York-based Byrne Communications and is a researcher, an...

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    • Chip Donohue

      Chip Donohue 

      Chip Donohue, PhD, is Dean of Distance Learning and Continuing Education and Director of the Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center at Erikson Institute in Chicago. He is a Senior Fellow and Member of the Advisory Board of the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children's Media at Saint Vincent College, where he co-chaired the working group that revised the 2012 NAEYC & Fred Rogers Center Joint Position Statement on Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8. Chip is the editor of two books...

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    • Bill Shribman

      Bill Shribman 

      Bill Shribman is a Senior Executive Producer at WGBH in Boston where he leads the kid's digital team producing of apps, games, digital comics, websites, and augmented reality for PBS KIDS, NASA and others. These high traffic projects have won a Prix Jeunesse, two Emmys, and the George Foster Peabody Award. He is the creator of several original digital projects including Beeswax, a news service for kids, The Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation and Ruff Ruffman: Humble Media Genius, a media literacy animation project that has seen 100 million video streams and won a Parent’s Choice Gold...

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    • Daren Carstens

      Daren Carstens 

      Daren Carstens founded Carstens Studios Inc., where he authors, designs, programs and develops educational products for children. He has worked in K-12 educational publishing for 20 years, and his work has received many awards including the prestigious international Bologna Children's Book Fair New Media Prize in the Best Educational Software category, 2010 & 2011 Parents' Choice Gold Awards - Parents' Choice Foundation, and 2010 & 2011 Editor's Choice Awards - Children's Technology Review. Daren combines the rare talent of a thorough understanding of learning processe...

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    • Mark Schlichting

      Mark Schlichting

      Mark Schlichting 

      Mark Schlichting is a passionate promoter for play. He is also a pioneer of the multimedia industry, an expert in children’s interactive design, and is probably best known as the creator of Brøderbund’s Living Books CD-ROM series. In 2000 Mark founded NoodleWorks Interactive, a creative consulting and production company specializing in innovative design for children. In November 2011, NoodleWorks released its’ first iPad app, a word toy called Noodle Words. His ...

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    • Emmet O'Neill

      Emmet O’Neill 

      Emmet O'Neill is the Chief Product Officer for StoryToys. He is responsible for all aspects of product development, from concept through to final delivery. In StoryToys he has produced apps for many leading entertainment companies including Eric Carle Studio, Saban, Warner Bros/DC, Sesame Workshop and Disney. With a career in digital product design that spans almost 20 years, Emmet has worked across a broad spectrum of industries including publishing, advertising and film /TV....

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    • Barbara Chamberlin

      Barbara Chamberlin 

      Barbara Chamberlin directs game development at New Mexico State University's Learning Games Lab.

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    • Jason Krogh

      Jason Krogh 

      Jason Krogh is the founder and CEO of Sago Sago, a company dedicated to creating the best apps for young children. Jason has designed and developed interactive media for 15 years working with clients such as the National Geographic, Sprout, Disney Jr, Vancouver Olympics and the Toronto Public Library. Jason is also the founder of the Zimmer Twins, an online storytelling platform for kids. His most recent venture started after a particularly satisfying rant with Bjorn Jeffery of Toca Boca. In short, Sago Sago was born out a shared passion f...

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    • Amanda Armstrong

      Amanda Armstrong 

      Amanda Armstrong earned her master’s degree in child development with a specialization in administration from Erikson Institute in 2012 and her bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration on creative writing from Bradley University in 2006. Previously, she conducted research for Erikson’s Early Mathematics Education Project, designing research methods and analyzing how early math is taught at the community college level as well as examining early math teaching in public schools. She has also taught at Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development in the animation course using S...

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    • Raul Gutierrez

      Raul Gutierrez,Tinybop

      Raul Gutierrez 

      Raul Gutierrez, Founder and CEO of Tinybop Inc., has enjoyed a long career in technology and the arts. As a high school student in rural East Texas, he was an early Apple developer (when programming for the Mac meant buying a Lisa). Raul was admitted to Princeton University as an engineer but graduated with a BA in art history after writing his thesis on Chinese Eastern Zhou bronze casting techniques. After college, Raul worked at Paramount Pictures for acclaimed producer Scott Rudin. Later, he formed a consulting firm and built internet properties for P...

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    • Meagan Rothschild

      Meagan Rothschild 

      Meagan Rothschild is the Director of Design Research (including User Research) at Age of Learning, Inc., the organization behind early learning software ABCmouse.com. Previous to this role, she was an Associate Researcher with an emphasis in early childhood assessment and design at WIDA, a group within the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A design researcher, she focuses on the ways design can enable meaningful participation. Originally from Kaneohe, Hawaii, Meagan earned her B.A. in Hawaiian language and her master’s in education technology from ...

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      Sanj KharbandaVP Digital Strategy, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Dust or Magic Hurricane Edition

      "Unique, inspiring, eye-opening. I would recommend anyone involved in the interactive space for kids to attend at least one. Thank you to everyone for sharing and being an inspiration."

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    • Kimberley SorensonThe Waterford Institute, Dust or Magic Highlights Foundation 2015

      "A wonderful opportunity to get down and dirty with a lot of different voices in a protected space. Inspiring + energizing on all conceivable levels -- many many thanks."

    • JCC

      Jayne ClarePresident, Teachers With Apps, Dust or Magic Highlights 2015

      "Leaving with a wealth of new knowledge, friends, ideas and inspiration!"

    • Erin - bio pic

      Erin ReillyCreative Director, Annenberg Innovation Lab at USC, Dust or Magic eBook Retreat 2013

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      Scott TraylorPresident, 360KID, DM 2002-2010

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      Jesper LodahlCEO, SmartTots, Dust or Magic Hurricane Edition

      "Great crowd, great minds, great learning experience."

    • Hans WagnerOwner, Computer Explorers, Dust or Magic 2014

      "Just soaked in all of it. Great environment!"

    • Megan SmithSenior Designer, Interactive Media, Highlights for Children, Dust or Magic 2014

      "Warren and Daren really made everyone feel relevant and comfortable. Perfect balance of healthy criticism and ideas for growth."

    • aleen

      Aleen SteinCEO, Organa, Dust or Magic 2014

      "Even though I'm not making apps right now, exciting and relevant to my life."

    • Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.03.01 PM

      Lorraine AkemannMoms With Apps

      While there is no shortage of conferences on kids and tech, Dust or Magic stands out in the crowd. This might be because attendees are required to leave their egos at home, or cast them into the ocean until the sessions are finished.